About Riedel Lead Crystal


In 1674, Ravenscroft discovered the positive effect of adding lead oxide to the glass composition (quartz, chalk, soda and potassium). Since then, the highest quality, finest glassware, has been executed in lead crystal. Today the word “lead” has a negative connotation. However the “lead” oxide in glass is totally integrated into the molecular structure, which enables us to continue to use it. Regarding lead leaching, worldwide legal standards are met and also surpassed. This legal and official authorization, which allows the production of drinking vessels executed in lead crystal, proves that consumers may use lead crystal on a daily basis and do not need to be concerned about any risk to health.


We at Riedel believe in the highest quality, which comes with superior production in terms of glass color, brilliance and exceptional ring. Seams left by the mold can be gently removed through fire polishing, which gives lead crystal pieces an unsurpassed finish. The microscopic roughness of the surface of lead crystal glass helps wine to develop more intense aromas, further adding to its enjoyment.

Attention California residents – Proposition 65 WARNING

Use of this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. You may also obtain a list of each brand of leaded crystal and tableware for which this warning is given.

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